Mrs. Burgos's Math and Social Studies Class

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Home Learning

Your child’s education is of the utmost importance to me, as I know it is to you.  In order to insure that your child understands the concepts presented in class, he/she will have homework in math four to five times a week as a means to practice the skills taught at school.  Completion of homework is essential for evaluation of skill mastery. 

     Homework is your child’s responsibility.  Help them develop a responsible attitude toward homework by providing a set time, quiet place, and some assistance.  Homework can increase your child’s school achievement, teach good study skills, and teach the students responsibility and self-discipline.  Please monitor your child’s homework assignments.  See that they are done neatly and turned in on time.

     This year, each child has purchased an agenda as part of his or her fourth grade supplies.  Assignments will be posted on each fourth grade classroom’s white board daily and it is your child’s responsibility to copy his/her assignments.  It is then your child’s responsibility to take home the agenda and necessary work and complete the assignment. Your child is then also responsible for bringing his/her homework to class.  If it is done and not brought to class, it is unfortunately counted as not being done.

Key Notes about Homework:

  • Students will be assigned home learning on a daily basis. 
  • Students will be responsible for copying down their daily home learning in their agendas.
  • Home learning assignments will be due everyday.
  • If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to either e-mail the teacher, call another student, view the information bulletin board outside the classroom or check the teacher's website.
  • Home learning will be posted on the teacher's website. 
  • Home learning should take 20 minutes for 4th grade Mathematics. 
  • Please note that any classwork not finished in class must be finished for homework.